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FlexiBowl®is the flexible parts feeding systemforautomated production linesusingindustrial robot or cobots. It is patented and produced by ARS S.r.l. and sold in more than 40 countries worldwide, including through authorized distributors.

FlexiBowl® optimizes parts feeding by ensuring more parts are available for pick-up by the gripper in every cycle. The system improves overall feed rates, increases productivity and reduces changeover times.

How does the flexible system work?

The parts are fed onto a disc by one or more hoppers and positioned optimally. The combined action of the pulse generator and the rotational movement means every single part is快速稳定的机器人可以挑选place it as efficiently as possible.

Which plug-in do you need?

Communication between the robot, PLC or vision system and FlexiBowl® is actuated via Ethernet or I/O and made easier by a communication plug-in available for almost all industrial robots and PLCs.

Interactive FlexiBowl® scheme

By clicking on the blue buttons in the image below, you can discover the FlexiBowl® interactive map that allows you to find out more about the functions of this cutting-edge flexible parts feeder system.

New Product:


From the constant dialogue with the market,FlexiBowl®1200is born.
A newer, larger, and more efficient model, designed to:

  • boost the productivity of all lines that need to handle large-sized components;
  • offer greater flexibility without sacrificing a compact and optimized layout.

Its vast surface makes it the largest flexible feeder on the market.The increased gripping area and the ability to handle a wider range of component allow the introduction of flexible automation in new processes.

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About FlexiBowl®

Traditional operating mode, FlexiTrack, or Multiple Parts Feeding:in any mode, the vision system ensures control over all FlexiBowl® functionalities.Durable materials, numerous disc surface types to meet specific resistance and adherence needs, vibratory or conveyor hopper formats and dimensions optimized for different processes and production lines, optional dispersion tool, and quick-emptying function.


开云体育注册FlexiBowl®是用于各种生产settings by companies in all types of industries, and meets the specific needs of the production systems in which it is installed.

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